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VEDI's mission is to present a new alliance between the private sector and private sectors to build the entrepreneurial infrastructure within the veteran community to be ready for the returning veterans, and to better assist those veterans who languish at the mom and pop business level and unable to assist their comrades who have difficulty assimilating to civilian work life and end up homeless.  

  • When veterans repeatedly ask the question, "What is the point of using the GI Bill when I can’t get a job when I am finished??”  VEDI answers the call and the question with direct liaison supports by incorporating multi-layered outreach to take veterans from the battlefield to the board room – their own.

  • With approximately 3 million veteran owned businesses and over 100 million veterans, the need to provide a viable employment base in an environment that is receptive of the highly skilled veteran is paramount to the long term stability of the VOB and the veteran employee.

  • VEDI is geared up to work with state governments and corporate buyers to engage in benchmarked programs to include certified VOBs and SDVOBs in major contracting opportunities and to provide them with the technical assistance and strategic liaisons needed to fulfill their commitments at higher than present levels.  Our veterans took care of business on the front lines, and we will help them on the business front.

  • VEDI is a unique provider of resource support to aspiring veteran entrepreneurs because it has established linkages in all areas to assist their launch, their growth, their future.

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